M43 Ambulance

The M43 is the ambulance version of the M37. Built on almost the exact same chassis (frame is approximately 6 inches longer than the M37), this ambulance saw action all over the world beside its M37 counterpart. The Canadian M43 was built by Chrysler/Dodge in Windsor, Ontario between 1951 and 1955, they were used throughout Canada and in Canadian military operations throughout the world.

The M43 differed from the M37 by having a full sized enclosed box on the rear of the vehicle instead of the regular pickup bed. There are two large doors which open outwards in the rear, and a sliding door which connects the cab to the rear compartment. M43's also came with spot lights on the roof (controlled by either the driver or the passenger in the front cab), and a spare tire on the drivers door. Many also included the use of a red spinning light on the roof and siren. Yet these two features would never have been activated on a actual battlefield, as they would attract the attention of the enemy. Something which the medical personnel who were operating the ambulance could not afford to do.

In the rear there is a stretcher rack system which could hold up to 4 persons at a time. The rack system was also collapsible, letting you sit up to 8 people in the rear of the truck. An interesting feature located in the back was a folding step for getting into the back of the truck. When folded back up into the back of the truck it acted as a seat for medical personnel working on the wounded on the way to a medical unit. Also located in the back was a light fixed to the inside of the roof near the front cab. It could be folded down and turned towards a patient. The bulb has a blue filter on it which would make blood stand out in the dark. There is also a permanently installed fuel powered heated located in one of the storage boxes in the rear section. Fuel is taken from the gas tank to run the unit. This gave heat to the wounded in the rear section in cold months. Heater controls are located on the wall between the cab and rear section.


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M43 Manuals

We have added a selection of technical manuals for the M37/M43/M152 line of trucks available for download. These manuals are offered free of charge. We are the only place making these manuals free of charge for download. Every other place we have found requires that you pay for the manuals. We believe that since these manuals are in the public domain, they should be available for everyone to download.

Please only download the manuals you need. Downloading unneeded manuals takes bandwidth which we pay for, yet are allowing you to use for free. If we find that people are taking advantage of us and taking up too much bandwidth downloading all the manuals every time, we will have to remove them from our website, making things difficult for others looking for the same manuals.

All manuals are from the US military, but apply to Canadian military vehicles, as they are basically the same vehicle. Canadian manuals in digital form for the M37/M43/M152 line of trucks is not yet available. Be warned that the Canadian M43 had a slightly different style engine and transmission. Please take that into consideration when using the provided manuals.

M37 Operator's Manual
January, 1954
Trucks 3/4Ton 4x4 Dodge
Cargo M37 CDN
Command M42 CDN
Ambulance M43 CDN
***NOTE: This is the rare Canadian repair manual. Graciously provided to us by Andrew.W***

252MB .pdf file ***WARNING VERY LARGE FILE***

-TM 9-2320-212-10
M37/M43 Operator's Manual
November 30, 1973
Truck, Cargo: 3/4 Ton, 4X4, M37, M37B1
Truck, Ambulance: 4X4, M43, M43B1
Truck, Maintenance: 4X4, M201, M201B1

5.84MB .pdf file

-TM 9-8030 (TO 36A-1-411)
Operation and Organizational Maintenance
May 1955
3/4 Ton 4X4 Cargo Truck M37
3/4 Ton 4X4 Command Truck
3/4 Ton 4X4 Ambulance Truck M43
3/4 Ton 4X4 Telephone Installation Light Maintenance and Cable Splicing Truck V-41 /GT

41.6MB .pdf file

-TM 9-2320-212-20
Organizational Maintenance Manual For:
Truck, Cargo: 3/4 Ton 4X4, M37 and M37B1
Truck, Ambulance: 3/4 Ton 4X4, M43 and M43B1
Truck, Maintenance: 3/4 Ton 4X4, M201 and M201B1
November 1973

33.1MB .pdf file

-TM 9-1840A (TO 19-75B-15)
Ordnance Maintenance Engine (Dodge Model T-245) Clutch (Borg and Beck Model 11828)
June 1952

14.1MB .pdf file

-TM 9-2520-232-35
Ordnance Field and Depot Maintenance Transmission, Mechanical Assembly - (2520-627-8308) (New Process Model No. 420)
July 1959
3/4 Ton 4X4 Chassis M56, M56B1 and M56C
3/4 Ton 4X4 Trucks M37, M37B1, M43, M43B1, M152 and M201 TM 9-8030

5.11MB .pdf file

-TB 9-2855-45 (TO 36Y17-5-1-7)
Instructions Installation Of Hot Water Personnel Heater Kit
3/4 Ton 4X4 Chasis M56 and M56C
Ambulance Truck M43
Cargo Truck M37
Command Truck M42
Maintenance Truck M201 (Signal Corps Model V-41/GT)
Panel truck M152
19 December 1956

2.52MB .pdf file

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