M151 / M151A2 Mutt Jeep

The M152 MUTT (Military Unit Tactical Truck) jeep replaced the aging M38A1 in the 1970's. While the U.S military started off with the M151 then moved onto the M151A2, the Canadian military only purchased the later M151A2 as it was the latest version available when they decided to replace the M38A1.

While most observers would think of it as just another jeep that is only cosmetically different, they are quite wrong. The body had been redesigned from earlier models, moving towards a more rounded shape, more room for passengers, adding marker/turing lights, and several other features. But the real difference was under the jeep, with a new frame and suspension. Not only did it give the passengers a more comfortable ride, but also let the vehicle drive more comfortably/safely offroad, and at higher road speeds.

The M151A2 was eventually replaced in the late 1980's by the Bombardier Iltis.

An interesting fact about the M151A2 MUTT's was that they were never sold to the public in Canada like most other surplus military equipment. Due to safety concerns with the vehicle, it was decided to destroy them all rather sell them off. The vehicles were first cut in two pieces and then sold for scrap metal. Unfortunately, the military found out that people were buying the jeeps for scrap and welding them back together (creating a severe safety risk). So to stop this, the shops were ordered to cut them in four pieces in an "X" pattern, then dumped into four different containers at random. This stopped any further attempt to weld the vehicles back together as no one would be able to match up the four sections together.

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